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On View:Stockholm
Sigrid Hjertén
1885 - 1948
Sweden Ateljéinteriör, 1916
Studio Interior
Olja på duk
176 x 203 cm
Purchase 1953
NM 5032 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
Sigrid Hjertén portrays the social role play in artist studios in the 1910s. Her painting Studio Interior shows the artist squeezed in between two men in a sofa. She is a woman and  painter in a male-dominated circle of modernists. Her self-image is complemented by the traditional female nude model and the picture of the exotic gipsy woman. In the foreground a femme fatale poses in black next to her son Iván.
Both Hjertén and Isaac Grünewald were harshly and sometimes ruthlessly criticised for their paintings in the 1910s. Sigrid Hjertén was considered to be a docile copycat of her husband, and her work was dismissed as feminine and "stupidly coquettish" compared to that of Isaac, who was "intelligently coquettish".
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