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© Kajsa Dahlberg
Kajsa Dahlberg
Born 1973
Germany, Born Sweden Ett eget rum/Tusen bibliotek, 2006
A Room of One's Own/A Thousand Libraries
Photocopies on paper with graphite notes
Pärm: 31,5 x 26,3 x 4,3 cm (120 enskilda blad)
Purchase 2009
MOM/2009/161 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
In “A Room of One's Own/A Thousand Libraries” Kajsa Dahlberg has perused every Swedish copy of Virginia Woolf's feminist classic “A Room of One's Own” that was available in Swedish libraries. She then traced and duplicated all the comments and underlinings that readers had made in these public copies, to make a new edition with manually transcribed reader comments from nearly fifty years of Swedish history. This new edition was printed and bound as an artist's book in one thousand copies. Dahlberg points at the importance of the reading, and how reception and interpretation are an integral part of authorship. What she is interested in, and what Virginia Woolf was interested in, are the conditions under which women create.
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