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Country:Turkey (252)
On View:Stockholm
J. Pascal Sébah
1823 - 1886
Turkey Pyramide Cheops: Ascension, ca 1875
Cheopspyramiden: bestigning
Pyramid of Cheops: Climbing
Albuminsilverfotografi monterat på kartong
27,2 x 19,9 cm
Purchase 1965
FM 1965 001 1122 On view at Stockholm
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Pascal Sébah was a pioneer of photography. He opened a photo studio in Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1857 and made his living by selling photographs to tourists as souvenirs of Egypt and Greece, which were part of the Ottoman Empire. The name of his studio was “El Chark” (The Orient). The business prospered, and he opened a second studio in Cairo in 1873. Many of his photographs were panorama shots and were sold in luxurious albums. The pictures from Egypt and the pyramids became famous; these edifices were tourist attractions even in the early 1800s. Sébah also took portraits of Egyptians in traditional attire and tourists in local costume. Orientalism was a strong trend in 19th-century arts and academia.
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