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© Tadeusz Kantor
Country:Poland (420)
On View:Stockholm
Tadeusz Kantor
1915 - 1990
Poland "Signez, s'il vous plait!", 1965
"Var god signera!"
Papper, snöre,oljefärg, krita och blyerts på duk
Totalmått: 261 x 194 cm (Överdelen: 130,5 x 195,3 x 2,5 cm; nederdelen:130,5 x 195,3 x 2,5 cm )
Purchase 1977
MOMB 21 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
Art and theatre are intimately connected for artist and stage director Tadeusz Kantor. In the 1950s, Kantor devoted himself to what was known as Art Informel or informalism. His paintings were characterised by non-figurative subjects and experimental approaches, focusing on the body. As Kantor’s interest in theatre and happenings intensified in the early 1960s, his visual art took on a more performative and three-dimensional aspect.  His assemblage Signez, s’il vous plait! was made in collaboration with the audiences in the cities where it was first shown. The work features scribbles typical of the era. Layer after layer, Kantor assembled complex compositions that corresponded to the new era’s desire for art that was not merely expressive, but also communicated and interacted with the beholder.
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