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© Anna Sjödahl
Anna Sjödahl
1934 - 2001
Sweden Mat och skönhet, 1969
Food and Beauty
Blyerts och plexiglas på pannå
120 x 104,5 cm
Purchase 1970
NMB 2005 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
Serenely the table laid with checked tablecloth rises toward the sky as though it were leaving its terrestrial life among kitchen utensils. Half-obscured behind milky plexiglass the pencil drawings appear to linger like a dream or a memory that will not quite rise to the surface. The humdrum of everyday life can hold the seed of something visionary and revolutionary, according to Anna Sjödahl. She allowed the commonplace, children and family life invade her art. Many of her works criticise the rigid bourgeois family ideals but also the male-dominated canon of styles such as minimalism and pop art. A few years later, she painted Springtime in Hallonbergen, which has become an icon in Swedish society, representing the awareness that the personal is political.
- Exhibition history
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