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On View:Stockholm
Henri Matisse
1869 - 1954
France Paysage marocain (Acanthes), 1912
Marockanskt landskap (Akantus)
Moroccan Landscape (Acanthus)
Oil on canvas
115 x 80 cm
Donation 1917 från Walter Halvorsen
NM 2070 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
In 1912, Matisse went to Villa Brook in the green region of Morocco. After a few weeks of torrential rain, the sun came out, and he painted this landscape, with the ground blue on pink and covered with lush acanthus leaves. Matisse used colours not merely as a means of depiction, but also sought their innate ability to express other qualities, such as humidity, growth and energy. He wanted art to be enjoyable, harmonious, heartening. Between 1908 and 1911, many Scandinavian painters, including Sigrid Hjertén, Isaac Grünewald and Einar Jolin, were impressed by the ideas he propounded at his academy in Paris.

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