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Janaina Tschäpe
Born 1973
United States, Born Germany He Drowned in Her Eyes as She Called Him to Follow, 1999-2000
Video, color, stereo sound
20:00 min
Moving Images
Purchase 2001
MOM/2001/15 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
Janaina Tschäpe often bases her works on a specific landscape – the Brazilian jungle, the endless Atlantic. More precisely, her films, performances and paintings are set in the artist’s own intensified memories of places, as they could have appeared in a dream. She plays with approaches that were also explored by surrealist artists: dream states, metamorphosis and a mythological super-reality.
In He Drowned in Her Eyes and She Called Him to Follow, Tschäpe assumes the role of the mermaid who leaves her aquatic world for the fascination of a port, with its jetties, fairgrounds and dance halls. She becomes a mute and alien creature, registering everything with the serene amazement of an outsider. The mermaid body is transformed with water-filled latex balloons, deformed by centuries under water. The film is accompanied by an endless, bittersweet music loop seemingly foreboding a disastrous