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© Niki de Saint Phalle/Bildupphovsrätt 2019
Niki de Saint Phalle
1930 - 2002
France Tableau tir, 1961
Shooting Painting
Paint, plastic, rope, metal, plaster
258 x 155 cm
Sculptures, Paintings
Donation 1972 from the artist
NMSK 2134 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
In the early 1960s, Niki de Saint Phalle shook the male-dominated art scene to its foundations with her Shooting Pictures. In these works, she covered paint containers with thick layers of plaster on a wooden board. She then fired a rifle at them from a long distance and when the bullet hit the containers, the paint ran out randomly on the plaster. The act of shooting became an exceedingly intentional act that could also be seen as a performance. Describing the act, Niki de Saint Phalle said she was shooting at all men, her brother, society, the Church and school.
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