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© Emily Jacir
On View:Stockholm
Emily Jacir
Born 1970
Born Palestine Sonia, Ziad, Mahmoud, Reem, Amal. From the series Where We Come From, 2002-2003
Sonia, Ziad, Mahmoud, Reem, Amal. Ur serien Därifrån vi kommer
Ramad text och färgfotografi, typ C
Purchase 2004
MOM/2004/137 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
For Emily Jacir, the place we come from is a crucial starting point and a key theme in her art. She herself is Palestinian, was born in Bethlehem in 1972 and grew up in Saudi Arabia, France, Italy and the USA. She now lives in New York, Italy and Ramallah. Emily Jacir, who has a US passport, asked more than 30 Palestinians living in occupied territories if there was anything she could do for them in Palestine, which she can visit but they can’t. She collected their answers and performed these actions as part of the work. The photos are a kind of visual proof, one of the most traditional uses of photography, that their wishes had been carried out. Emily Jacir often works serially, as in this piece.
- Exhibition history