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© Stilinovic´ Mladen
Country:Croatia (7)
On View:Stockholm
Mladen Stilinovic
1947 - 2016
Croatia The Exploitation of the Dead, 1984- 1990
Exploateringen av de döda
Painted wood, metal, photographs, glass, pastries, textile, feathers, enamel and paper with print.
Varierande mått
Purchase 2001
MOM/2001/311 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
Red and black. Striking symbols and shapes, both political and religious. The paintings allude to “dead” movements in art, such as suprematism, social realism and geometric abstractionism. “Exploitation of the Dead” is a parade of objects whose historical meanings have changed or been lost over time, and which have become banal through repetition. Their significance has been diluted by uses as, say, souvenirs from the former Eastern Bloc, or accessories in the fashion industry. Mladen Stilinovic’s works are based in social and political commentary with ironic elements.
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