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© Samuel Fosso
Country:Cameroon (4)
On View:Stockholm
Samuel Fosso
Born 1962
Cameroon Autoportrait. De la série Années 70, 1970-1980
Självporträtt. Ur serien 70-tal
Self-portrait. From the series 70's
Bildmått: 100 × 100 cm Ram: 103,7 × 103,7 × 4 cm
Purchase 2011
MOM/2011/8 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
To save him from starvation and war, Samuel Fosso’s family sent him from Biafra to Bangui in the Central African Republic when he was still a small boy. There he became an assistent to a portrait photographer as a teenager. After a couple of years he opened his own studio. The customers wanted their photographs the next day, so he started taking pictures of himself to use up spare film and to send to his mother. In the early self-portraits we find a teenager exploring himself and his own identity through the lens of the camera. But these pictures evolve, and as an artist Fosso turned to a deeper exploration of people’s roles, gender, ethnicity, authority, celebrity, and wealth.
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