Henri Matisse Frankrike, (1869 - 1954)
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Henri Matisse
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On View:Stockholm
Henri Matisse
1869 - 1954
France Paysage marocain (Acanthes), 1912
Marockanskt landskap (Akantus)
Moroccan Landscape (Acanthus)
Oil on canvas
Bildmått: 115 × 80 cm Ram: 139 × 103 × 6,5 cm
Donation 1917 från Walter Halvorsen
NM 2070 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
In the winter of 1912, Henri Matisse travelled to Tangiers in Morocco, inspired by a major exhibition on Islamic art he had seen in Munich in 1910. After weeks of pouring rain, the sun brought the light he had been looking for. In the painting, the ground is blue on pink, and overgrown with thriving acanthus leaves, like the ones he saw in the lush garden where he worked. Matisse wanted to channel the inner expressive capacity of colours, like the dripping humidity, growth and inner force conveyed in this painting. The Moroccan landscape looked just the way he had imagined after seeing the romantic painter Eugène Delacroix’s scenes from Morocco, and reading Pierre Loti’s Travel Memoir “In Morocco”.
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Showing 4 of 48 search results for
Henri Matisse
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