Kjartan Slettemark Norge, (1932 - 2008)
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Kjartan Slettemark
© Kjartan Slettemark/Bildupphovsrätt 2020
Kjartan Slettemark
1932 - 2008
Sweden, Born Norway Soul food, 1977
Glasmonter, bröd, plast, trä, kottar samt diverse material
167 x 149 x 60 cm
Purchase 1978
MOMSK 28 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
Kjartan Slettemark was a pioneer in activist art in the Nordic region. He worked with recycled materials in a pop art that was less polished and more dirty, and stood up for the right of artists to express themselves freely. He applied for and was granted asylum at Moderna Museet in 1970. “Domestic political asylum from Sweden’s persecution of people who are different”, was how he put his case. In 1976, Slettemark named his gallery Moderata Museet (after the Swedish conservative party), and enjoyed the thought that the institutions might be confused. A café counter where the meals had political content was exhibited as part of a performative installation. Kjartan himself was present and baked buns using a baton as a rolling pin. The installation contains several provocative elements aimed at challenging the audience into an active dialogue with the artist.
- Signature, inscriptions, and markings
Showing 1 of 11 search results for
Kjartan Slettemark
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