Gerhard Richter Tyskland, (Born 1932)
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Gerhard Richter
© Gerhard Richter
Gerhard Richter
Born 1932
Germany Bach 1-4, 1992
Oil on canvas
300 x 300 x 3,5 cm för varje del
Purchase 1994 with contribution from The Friends of Moderna Museet
MOM 769:A-D This artwork is not on display
- About the work
The "Bach" Suite consists of four visually forceful, gigantic squares with shimmering, clear colours applied with a knife in a layer-on-layer technique. The removed layers leave traces and appear like ragged paint sections. Gerhard Richter had a major breakthrough in the mid-1960s, with his unfocused "photo paintings", based on ordinary newspaper pictures or family snapshots. Over the years, he has alternated between still-lifes, landscapes, portraits and abstract painting. This has occasioned postmodernist thinkers to refer to his works as "a memory of painting in the past" - but also to the rootlessness and feelings of loss that characterise our time.
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Gerhard Richter
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