Giuseppe Penone Italien, (Born 1947)
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Giuseppe Penone
© Giuseppe Penone/Bildupphovsrätt 2020
Country:Italy (1303)
On View:Stockholm
Giuseppe Penone
Born 1947
Italy Albero di 12 metri (12 Meters Tree), 1970
12 meter träd
1213 x 25 cm
Purchase 1970
NMSK 2066 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
To make this work, Giuseppe Penone uncovered the knags and the rounded tree shape in an industrially treated timber, one year ring at a time, ending the process at a specific moment in the tree’s history. Giuseppe Penone had then been exploring the relationship between man and nature for a few years, in the forest surrounding his home in the Alps. His method involved fusing the creative processes of nature and art. Penone shared the approach of using simple materials and conceptually-based methods with the Italian avant-garde movement of arte povera – “poor art. In arte povera artists used “low” materials such as rocks, cardboard and wood, rebelling against marble and other exclusive materials used for Italian “high art”.
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Giuseppe Penone
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