The New York Collection
The New York Collection for Stockholm was Pontus Hultén’s last major contribution to Moderna Museet – and his parting gift. He moved to Paris in 1974 to become the director of Musée National d’Art Moderne at the Centre Georges Pompidou. The collection was initiated in 1971 by the Swedish engineer Billy Klüver, who was an active member of Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT), an independent forum for contemporary art in New York. Klüver wanted to compile a collection of key works by American and European artists who had worked in New York in the 1960s. He contacted Pontus Hultén to ask if Moderna Museet would be interested in such a collection. Thanks to intensive fundraising, and a print portfolio contributed to the collection by the artists themselves, the works eventually arrived at Moderna Museet in 1973.
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The New York Collection
© Dan Flavin/Bildupphovsrätt 2020
Artist:Dan Flavin
Dan Flavin
1933 - 1996
United States Monument 7 for V. Tatlin, 1964
Monument 7 för V. Tatlin
Fluorescent light tubes, fixtures
244 x 66,5 x 10 cm (96 1/16 x 26 3/16 x 3 15/16 in.)
Donation 1973 (New York Collection)
NMSK 2165 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
What is architecture? What is sculpture?
Vertical neon lights form an upwards-striving facade. Simple. Few shapes. Straight up and down. And it shines, with a white fluorescent light. This sculpture never needs to be lighted. Instead it spreads its own light, influencing the room. Architecture is not merely the form and construction of a building, it is a matter of creating space. Nor is sculpture just something to put in a suitable place. Sculpture always carries on a dialogue with the room. In Dan Flavin's Monument 7 for Vladimir Tatlin sculpture and architecture are blended to make something that operates in space - exactly like in Vladimir Tatlin's Monument to the 3rd International, a model of which is also on show at the Museum. But where Tatlin's tower is a dreamer's utopia from the early days of the industrial society, Flavin's sculpture is a perceptive greeting from an aging industrial society that has become introvert.
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The New York Collection
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