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© Cecilia Edefalk
Cecilia Edefalk
Born 1954
Sweden En annan rörelse, 1990
Another Movement
Oil on canvas
Bildmått: 238,5 × 171 cm
Purchase 1994
MOM 702 This artwork is not on display
- About the work

Cecilia Edefalk often creates her paintings in series – frequently basing them on photographs, and repeating the same motif until the distinction between original and copy is blurred.


After being unfashionable for two decades, painting was “resurrected” in the 1980s, with the advent of postmodernism.  Art was no longer abstract or emotionally expressive. Instead, it was idea-based and didn’t shy away from figuration. There were discussions about a postmodern style of painting, and although Edefalk was no strong believer in these theories, she was nevertheless considered by many people to be a postmodernist.


Cecilia Edefalk herself has described the series Another Movement as seven paintings in various sizes and where, in each painting, she returned to the original – a photography from a women’s magazine, which she modified to emphasise the element she felt gave the photo its tension.


An ordinary commercial photo of a man rubbing sun lotion onto the back of a woman is the starting point for the paintings. The bottle with lotion is no longer present. The stiff, square figures stand out clearly against the intensely blue, uniform background. In a strange way, the figures seem to hover between sculptural volume and flat surface.

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