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Öyvind Fahlström
1928 - 1976
United States, Italy, Sweden Dr. Schweitzer's Last Mission, 1964-1966
Dr Schweitzers sista uppdrag
Tempera on 8 metal boxes, 10 cut-out boards, 50 magnetized metal and vinyl cut-outs
Installations, Sculptures
Purchase 1970
NMSK 2093 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
An urban landscape; a man and a woman tumbling head over heels, gorilla jaws held tight with clamps… Images from the movies and newspapers dangling on threads. Although things are different today, the game board, our world, is the same, and Öyvind Fahlström, who "played" with his contemporary world, is just as relevant. Paintings, happenings, poetry, along with the commercial media that evolved in the 1960s - including TV - were among Fahlström's materials. The appearance, which Fahlström called a "picture organ", is different every time it is shown.
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