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© Daniel Buren/Bildupphovsrätt 2020
Daniel Buren
Born 1938
France Cabane éclatée no 9, 1985
Uppbrutet rum nr 9
Exploded Hut No 9
Awning fabric mounted on wooden frames, studs
Varierande mått
Sculptures, Installations
Purchase 1986
MOMSK 121 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
Daniel Buren has consistently used the same vertical, 8.7 cm wide stripes ever since the mid-1960s. The stripes can appear on the sails of a fleet of small boats, or on streamers strung up between galleries in a museum. Buren's art makes places visible. In other words, we see not only his work, but also things around them. He demonstrates how the content of art is determined largely by the context in which it appears.
In this work, Buren has constructed a simple room. The openings correspond to canvases placed on the walls of the room that houses the smaller room. Buren's room appears to have expanded to the outer limit. On the walls, the parts that have separated themselves from the inner room assume the nature of paintings.
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