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On View:Stockholm
Kazimir Malevitj
1878 - 1935
Russia Black and White. Suprematist Composition, 1915
Svart och vit. Suprematistisk komposition
Pictorial Masses in movement
Oil on canvas
Bildmått: 80 × 80 cm Ram: 86,3 × 86,6 × 5,5 cm
Donation 2004 från Bengt och Jelena Jangfeldt
MOM/2004/97 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
Kazimir Malevich studied at art schools in Russia, came in contact with contemporary tendencies at an early age, and was inspired by artists such as Matisse, Gauguin and Picasso. He was also influenced by symbolist ideas and by the composition in traditional Russian icons. In 1915, Malevich published his Manifesto of Suprematism, in which he declares his intention to liberate art from the meaningless yoke of things. Suprematism was Malevich’s own abstract art movement, based on simple geometric forms and the absence of any associations to the world at large. The new images were exclusively addressed to emotions, which were “supreme”. Malevich tolerated no depiction, no thoughts – no allusions to the world that is governed by hunger, reason, utility, intention.
- Signature, inscriptions, and markings
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