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On View:Stockholm
Marcel Duchamp
1887 - 1968
France Anémic Cinéma, 1926
Anemisk film
Anemic Cinema
35 mm film, b/w, silent
8:25 min
Moving Images
Purchase 2012
MOM/2012/116 On view at Stockholm
- About the work

Anémic Cinéma is Marcel Duchamp’s only cinematic work and is now regarded as a classic of both dadaism and surrealism. In the film, hypnotic graphic spiral patterns alternate with rotating texts, a series of enigmatic messages, some of which are lewd puns in French.  The animation effect was achieved by filming the artist’s Rotoreliefs on a turntable.

Duchamp began early in his career to experiment with optical phenomena such as the effect of negative and positive shapes on our seeing. Here, the elements of silent movies at the time – image and text – are reduced to a minimum, as the title infers. In this work, Duchamp is striving to dissolve both visual and linguistic rationality.

The film was produced together with the photographer Man Ray and the film director Marc Allégret, and is signed in the end credits by Duchamp’s female alter ego, Rrose Sélavy.



- Exhibition history
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