What does the Search the collection website contain?

The Search the collection website is a searchable database with information about objects in the Moderna Museet collection. The entire collection has not been completely digitized yet. Some 73,000 works of art have been added to the Search the collection website so far. We are working constantly to add new works, add data and photograph the collection, in accordance with the Museum's digitalization program. We are aware that some information is missing from the database and that some facts may be incorrect. We welcome all feedback that will help us improve the contents of the database. The website is updated every day, with new information from the Moderna Museet art database.

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How do I use the Search the collection website?

You can browse the Collection website by clicking on one of six tabs. These are Categories, Artists, Highlights, On view, Acquisitions, and Countries. You can also use the search box to search an artist’s name or artwork title, or click the Advanced search button (to the right of the basic search function, above the tabs).

Search the Collection by artist or artwork

To search the collection by artist or artwork, enter an artist’s name or title of the work into the search box labelled “Search collection by artist or artwork”. If you are unsure of the spelling, type the beginning of a name or title. The search results will include all items containing the letters you have entered. To search the collection by the exact artist's name or the exact title use quotation mark, for example when searching for the artworks of the artist "Man Ray" and you do not want to also include titles with the word "man".

Advanced Search

You can make an advanced search by specifying several search criteria. Click on "Choose field” and select one of the options from the drop-down menu. Then choose a condition in the second column, i.e. “Starts with” or “Contains”. In the third column, you can enter text or select from a drop-down list, depending on the field you have chosen. To search with multiple criteria, click “Add another row”. You can now, for example, search for a specific artist and a specific medium or date.

The available search options are artist name, nationality, gender, work title, category, year made, medium, accession number, and accession year.

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How do I browse the collection?

The homepage is divided into 6 tabs: Categories, Artists, Highlights, On View, Acquisitions, and Countries. Each tab allows you to browse the collection in a different way. Read more about each section

How can I view the search results?

Search results can be viewed in different ways: as grid view, list view, single object or slide show. Choose a viewing option by clicking on the icons.

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How do I narrow my search?

You can narrow down your search results by using the filters on the right hand side while in list or grid view. For example, under the "Refine your search," you can choose “works with images” and your results will be narrowed down to only objects with images available. You can also filter by Highlights, On view Stockholm/Malmö Category, Date, or Artists. To deselect a filter, click the “x” next to the filter under “selected filters”.

Who should I contact with questions about the Collection?

Please contact the Museum’s Collections registrar if you:

  • would like further information about a work of art
  • want information about works that have not yet been digitalized
  • want to share information about a work of art
  • want to know more about Moderna Museet’s acquisition policy

Click here if you want to make a research visit.
Click here to contact Moderna Museet about loans or depositions.
Click here to contact Moderna Museet’s Rights and reproductions department.

Why can’t I view a digital image of the work of art?

When an image is not available on our website, this may be due to any of the following:

  • The work has not yet been photographed and digitalized
  • We do not have permission from the copyright holder to upload the image

Moderna Museet owns the copyright for all the photographs on the website. Please contact Moderna Museet’s Rights and reproductions department if you have any questions regarding the images.

What are the copyright regulations?

Texts and images are protected by Swedish copyright law and may not be reproduced or made available to the public without prior permission from the copyright holder. The images are published with a license from Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige. Permission is required, for instance, if you want to upload or copy a work to a website or internal network or to distribute or reproduce a work, regardless of method.

Please contact Moderna Museet’s Rights and reproductions department if you have any questions regarding the images.