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© On Kawara
Artist:On Kawara
On View:Stockholm
On Kawara
1933 - 2014
United States, Born Japan TODAY series, No 81, 1966 Harry Gold, America's first known atomic spy, who betrayed government secrets during and after WW II, goes free today after 16 years in prison , 1966
IDAG-serien, nr 81, 1966
Acrylic on canvas, with cardboard box
Bildmått: 25,5 × 33 cm
Donation 1980 från konstnären
MOM 195 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
On 4 January, 1966, On Kawara embarked on his date paintings. He worked on them practically daily for five decades, until his death. This series of monochrome paintings, all in a unique shade of grey, red or blue, each with the day’s date in white. On Kawara was a conceptualist; the idea of the work is what matters. The date is the subject drawing attention to time passing and our existence. Several of the paintings are accompanied by a box containing cuttings from the day’s newspaper. A work’s title can denote a memorable event. Each painting was executed according to a series of steps that were always the same. If a painting was not completed by midnight, it was destroyed. The method can be seen as a meditation exercise.
- Exhibition history