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© Pratchaya Phinthong/Bildupphovsrätt 2020
Pratchaya Phinthong
Born 1974
Thailand 549 kg (poster), 2017
549 kg (affisch)
Affisch, video, fotografi
33:29 min
Installations, Moving Images, Posters, Photography
Purchase 2018 funded by The Gerard Bonnier Foundation
MOM/2018/3 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
Migrant workers from Thailand gave Pratchaya Phinthong a unique insight into the working conditions for berry pickers in northern Sweden. Several of them returned home deep in debt due to the expensive airline tickets and lodging. The following year he got himself hired and picked 549 kilos of berries in two months, earning SEK 2513. The employer paid him in cash from a safe. Phinthong’s fellow workers who stayed on for another month were swindled out of their pay: the employer abandoned the site beforehand, leaving behind an unlocked, empty safe. The poster, which pictures of this and 76 other safes, was printed in a quantity that would correspond to the weight of the berries he picked, and is presented to visitors as a gift. The installation also includes a video and stills, a kind of diary Phinthong kept of his work.
- Exhibition history
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