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© Björn Lövin
Björn Lövin
1937 - 2009
Sweden Live Show II: Stoligheten, 1977
Video, b/w
9:38 min
Moving Images
Purchase 2004
MOM/2004/131 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
Björn Lövin was among the first to create installations in Sweden. He describes them as "ideological rooms". The furniture in the films was shown at Live show, an exhibition at Moderna Museet in 1974, where Lövin created environments together with Ulrik Samuelson and Sivert Lindblom. In one of the films the Sunday dinner is on the table, and one phrase is repeated over and over again: "Could someone pass me the gravy?" The neo-classical furniture plays the lead role. A few years later, the dining room suite made a second appearance, but now as cavities after being moulded in plaster, a mausoleum in memory of the bourgeois home. In another film the artist turns the furniture from his parents' home into a dramatic bonfire. We watch the last memories of that time burning.

- Exhibition history
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