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© Judy Chicago/Bildupphovsrätt 2019
Judy Chicago
Born 1939
United States Car Hood, 1964
Sprayed acrylic and lacquer on car hood
Cirka 109 x 125 x 11 cm
Inköp 2007 (Det andra önskemuseet)
MOM/2007/149 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
Car Hood plays on the male-dominated surfer culture in 1960s Los Angeles. Judy Chicago was one of few women on the established LA art scene. The paintwork features symmetrical patterns that were typical of the time. It also includes enigmatic symbols, such as the Celtic cross. Chicago describes the motif as a vaginal shape impaled by a phallic arrow on a masculine car hood: “A clear symbol of my state of mind at the time.” Meanwhile, she changed her name to Chicago, as a political statement. In agreement with activists such as Malcolm X and the Black Muslims, she claimed that family names contributed to enhancing an inherited, enslaved identity.

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