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© Katarina Pirak Sikku/Bildupphovsrätt 2019
On View:Stockholm
Katarina Pirak Sikku
Born 1965
Sweden Gállok - Kallak, 2013
Synthetic fiber cloth
Varierande mått
Purchase 2017 with contribution from The Österlind Foundation
MOM/2017/24 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
When exploratory blasting was carried out for mineral prospecting in Gállok/ Kallak outside Jokkmokk in northern Sweden 2013, this provoked protests in the region. Katarina Pirak Sikku took part in the protests. During a police intervention, she spread large, white geotextiles in front of the protesters. When the police, demonstrators, the prosecutor and representatives of the mining company walked or drove across this surface, their tracks were documented. The textile thus became contemporary frottage, bearing the marks of the ground underneath and the events above it: the “earth’s testimony”.

- Signature, inscriptions, and markings
- Exhibition history
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