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Eric Hallström
1893 - 1946
Sweden Ängsblommor, 1918
Meadow Flowers
Olja på pannå
54 x 65 cm
Purchase 1987
MOM 402 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
A murky, brown interior, a window overlooking the water where a boat floats by. The picture is flat. The perspective of the white, round table in the foreground is incongruous with the rest of the room. It evades us. It opens itself to the viewer's inner eye. Eric Hallström is not bothered about depicting the world correctly but approaches his subject with tenderness, as if opening a box of fairytales. He guides our gaze to the bouquet on the table. Here we find colour, and an enchanting view that is not outside the window but in the vase. It is a dream image, painted in the country, with thoughts of both oceans and summer blossoms.
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