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Country:Spain (307)
On View:Stockholm
Pablo Picasso
1881 - 1973
Spain Buste de femme, 1907
Bust of a Woman
Olja på duk
Bildmått: 54 × 41 cm Ram: 84,5 × 70 × 5,5 cm
Purchase 1964 (The Museum of Our Wishes)
NM 5770 On view at Stockholm
- About the work

Picasso was an academically-trained artist and had mastered classical painting at an early age. In the years after 1900s, he was restlessly searching for new forms of expression without departing from traditional painting. After an artistic crisis and encountering African masks and Iberian sculptures, he created a large number of works in 1907 that paved the way for cubism. His monumental canvas "The Girls of Avignon" from that year, and the studies he made for that painting, marked a clean break with the prevailing canon. Depiction and idealisation were gone, and the lack of an organising, detached one-point perspective gave motifs such as "Head of a Woman" a powerful impact. The woman and the background seem to have been whipped up with strong brush strokes that bring the flat surface to life.

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