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© Alexander Khartjenko. © Arsen Savadov
Arsen Savadov
Born 1962

Alexander Khartjenko
Born 1965
Ukraine Helen. Wooljacket with silver collar and cuffs. Karl Lagerfeldt, $627. Knit pants Donna Karen, $320, 1997
Färgfotografi typ C
Bildmått: 76 × 101,6 cm Ram: 78 × 103,7 × 4 cm
Purchase 2001
MOM/2001/245 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
Arsen Savadov’s photographic series of models posing in contemporary fashion in a graveyard was published in a fashion magazine. The titles are the names of the models, the fashion houses that designed the garments, and their price in dollars. In the background funerals and burials are taking place, with mourners gathered around coffins about to be lowered into the ground. The series from this old orthodox churchyard in Kiev is part of the larger project “Deepinsider”, in which the artist explored other places where people carry out their work, including a mine and a greenhouse. Combining fashion with a graveyard may appear blasphemous or provocative, but death is a given subject for Savadov. Only cheerful Americans can avoid discussing it, he once said.
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