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Mona Hatoum
Born 1952
United Kingdom, Born Lebanon Home, 1999
Table, steel kitchen utensils, electric wire, computer controlled electric voltage, light bulbs, audio, steel wire
Varierande mått
Installations, Audio Art
Donation 2000 from The Friends of Moderna Museet
MOM/2000/13 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
The installation Home consists of a simple, impersonal table with a few ordinary kitchen utensils connected by an electric cable whose current rises and falls rhytmically. The table is cordoned off with steel wire. These objects, which we handle daily - particulary perhaps women - are not just charged with symbolical feelings about everyday rituals but are also literally charged with electricity. What sort of place is this? It´s certainly not a kitchen, the heart of the home, but rather a torture chamber.
Mona Hatoum lives and works in London, but was born in 1952 in Lebanon. She has her artistic roots in the performance art of the early Eighties in which she used her own body in various contexts as a symbol of physical and mental pain. In the work of her more recent years the physical body is not so evident. But it is present through the human proportions of her work, and her objects often have direct contact with skin and body.
- Exhibition history
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