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© Eugenio Dittborn
Eugenio Dittborn
Born 1943
United States, Born Chile Technical Memories (Lápis de Carbón). Airmail Painting # 27, 1985
Tekniska minnen (Lápis de Carbón). Flygpostmålning nr 27
Färg, bränd bilolja, kol, ull och fotosilkscreen på omslagspapper
Bildmått: 210 × 154 cm
Purchase 2000
MOM/2000/1 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
Eugenio Dittborn's "Airmail Paintings" can be folded and posted in the specially-designed airmail envelopes attached to the lower left-hand corner of the paintings. Since 1993, Dittborn has posted these airmail paintings all over the world. They can concern the abuse of power in Latin American history, the conquistadores or the Pinochet regime, traumas and memories. The fact that the paintings can be sent to anyone, anywhere - using the regular airmail distribution system - is fundamental to the concept. Dittborn says that his airmail paintings were created for at least two specific geographic positions: those of the sender and the recipient, but also to bridge the distance between them.
- Exhibition history