Hilding Linnqvist Sverige, (1891 - 1984)
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Hilding Linnqvist
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On View:Stockholm
Hilding Linnqvist
1891 - 1984
Sweden Sjukhussal II, 1920
Hospital Ward II
Oil on canvas
145 x 122 cm
Donation 1970 from Grace and Philip Sandblom
NM 6359 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
The blue twilight descends outside the hospital windows. The interior is bright with white coats, starched sheets and two tiled stoves in the background. A distinct smell of disease and disinfectant emanates from the scene, but it is balanced by the little vase with lilies of the valley to the right in the picture. The sombre doctors and nurses go about their duties with an almost ceremonious air. All is silent. This painting is a memory from when Hilding Linnqvist suffered from meningitis and was treated at Sabbatsberg Hospital. The composition and the portrayal of the characters are similar to mediaeval church painting and folk art, two important sources of inspiration for the naive painters.
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Showing 20 of 76 search results for
Hilding Linnqvist
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