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© David Hammons
On View:Stockholm
David Hammons
Born 1943
United States African Stand, 1991
Afrikansk ställning
Painted wooden masks, plastic bucket with cement, wood stud, metal bracket, scale
225 x 110 x 35 cm
Purchase 2000
MOM/2000/6 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
David Hammons lives and works in Harlem on Manhattan. He is part of the New York art scene, although keeping a sceptic stance. David Hammons prefers to create and show his art on the street, which is where it's happening, not in the galleries and museums. You have to be careful where and when you exhibit your art, says Hammons, because people don't really look at art, they look at each other, and their clothes and hairstyles.
Yes, the museum is a place in which to see and be seen. And, incidentally, what's your position in the African issue? What's your African Stand?
David Hammon's art is often concerned with cultural stereotypes and racial issues, the attitude to the Afro-American identity and history. The scales hold a few antique African masks, the kind many of us equate with African culture. Their origins and original purpose remain unknown to most of us.

- Exhibition history
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