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Art © Donald Judd Foundation/Bildupphovsrätt 2020, Sweden/VAGA, New York
Donald Judd
1928 - 1994
United States Untitled, 1965
Utan titel
Galvanized steel
297,7 × 101,6 × 76,2 cm (117 3/16 × 40 × 30 in.)
Purchase 1966
NMSK 1927 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
"Half or more of the best works that have been produced in the last few years are neither paintings nor sculptures."  That is what Donald Judd wrote in 1965, and as examples he mentions Frank Stella's paintings which take their outer form from their subject, Claes Oldenburg's gigantic everyday objects and Robert Rauschenberg's Monogram, which he calls "the goat with a tire round its belly". What Judd means, though he doesn't say it directly, is that his own work should also be included in this third category which he calls "significant objects".
What, then, does the figure seven in his Untitled, dated 1956 tell us? And what direct influence does galvanised iron have on the soul? By using industrial material, which is not charged with values, expectations and concepts in the same way as marble, bronze or oil paint on canvas are, Judd and the Minimalists want us to see the forms without switching on our cultivated habit of seeing "fine art". These works are not in any direct way reminiscent of the human body. Nor do they bear traces of the artist's hand, or of any specific artistic creative method of any kind. By repeating in series instead of combining in compositions, Judd avoids a situation in which he says something, and we listen. "What you see is what you see" as the artist Frank Stella stated.

Instead the works are here, here and now, and speak for themselves, or are - in their own existence - sufficient unto themselves.

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