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© Magnus Wallin/Bildupphovsrätt 2019
On View:Stockholm
Magnus Wallin
Born 1965
Sweden Are you in pain... Not anymore, 2016
Har du ont... Inte längre
Blood powder, acryl on aluminium
Bildmått: 79,5 × 79,5 cm Yttermått: 79,5 × 79,5 × 0,3 cm
Donation 2017 from Claes Nordenhake
MOM/2017/83 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
At first glance, Magnus Wallin’s monochrome seems different from the works he is mainly associated with, the animated movies he made in the late 1990s, where the body was the central character: skinned, hunted in nightmarish scenes. But his monochrome is painted with powdered blood, and the “body” is perhaps not so distant after all. The pigment is applied in many layers and polished in between, giving depth and saturation to the colour. The thin aluminium sheet makes that work look as though it is part of the wall, and at a distance gives the impression of a sinkhole. The painting is part of a series of seven. The dimensions, 79.5x79.5 cm, are the same as for the first famous monochrome, Black Square by Kazimir Malevich from 1915.
- Signature, inscriptions, and markings
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