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On View:Malmö
Rosemarie Trockel
Born 1952
Germany Zum Beispiel Balthasar, 6 Jahre, 1996
Till exempel Balthasar, 6 år
For Example Balthasar, 6 Years Old
Video, color, stereo sound
9:15 min
Moving Images
Donation 2001 from The Friends of Moderna Museet
MOM/2001/271 On view at Malmö
- About the work
It starts with a boy laughing. In slow motion, the camera follows the little boy and a girl, in the company of two dogs, on their walk through a beautiful summer landscape. The boy is dressed as a grown man, in an old-fashioned dark suit, white shirt and hat. He is carrying a suitcase. The girl walks by his side. The young couple wipe each other's tears. Perhaps this is about farewells. The boy is on a voyage - is he heading for the wide world? When the couple stop in the paradisiacal landscape they see a bird holding its prey in its talons, circling high up in the air. Is this a premonition of the darker sides of life?
The road leads to a small village where they both enter a chapel. The boy starts to ring the bell hanging in front of the cross; suddenly he turns into a child again and is clinging to the bell rope. He laughs, like he did at the beginning of the film. As he swings by a rope in gym class in school, is he perhaps dreaming about what life has in store?
As in most of Trockel's films, the soundtrack is essential.
Zum Beispiel Balthasar, 6 Jahre is a beautiful, melancholic parable on life and dreams.

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