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© Ola Pehrson/Bildupphovsrätt 2019
On View:Stockholm
Ola Pehrson
1964 - 2006
Sweden hunt for the unabomber, 2005
Multimedia: 187 skulpturer i varierande storlek, 1 st. 23" TV, DVD spelare, digital video
Varierande mått 32:15 min
Installations, Moving Images
Purchase 2006
MOM/2006/5 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
Infusing his work with humour, Ola Pehrson explored how we are affected by global structures such as the mass media, the internet and the stock exchange. This work focuses on one of the most sensational cases in US legal history: the Una Bomber (University and Airport Bomber), Theodore Kaczynski, who wrought revenge on the modern technological society by distributing letter bombs full of scrap metal, injuring a large number of people from the 1970s up until the mid-1990s. The installation incorporates a film about the Una bomber. Despite its documentary style, the viewer soon realises that the "genuine" footage is mixed with other material. Some of the props from the film also feature in the installation.
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