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© Kristján Guðmundsson
Country:Iceland (41)
Kristján Guðmundsson
Born 1941

Kristján Guðmundsson
Born 1941
Iceland Registration Poem no 2 (Iceland 1/12 1972), 1973-1974
Folkräkningsdikt nr 2 (Island 1/12 1972)
Registreringspoem för Island
Dymoremsa, plexiglas
84 x 89 cm
Purchase 1979
MOMSK 40 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
The format of Registration Poem no 2 resembles that of a vinyl record. It looks like a circular disk but is, in fact a rolled-up dymo strip. It changes appearance to the viewer's inner vision. The strip carries the name of each individual citizen living on Iceland on 1 December 1972. Something as dry as a demographic record becomes poetic when we allow the contents to blossom in our imagination. The mind boggles - here is the start of tens of thousands of disparate life stories. Kristján Gudmundsson was inspired by the Fluxus movement, minimalism and conceptual art. Early in his career he exhibited together with the avant-garde Icelandic group SÚM. He has lived in the Netherlands since the 1970s.
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