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© Jean (Hans) Arp/Bildupphovsrätt 2017
Artist:Jean Arp
On View:Stockholm
Jean Arp
1887 - 1966
France Coupe de nuage, 1960
Cloud Bowl
Höjd 123 cm
Purchase 1962
NMSK 1805 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
Jean Arp's Cloud Bowl lies like a cradle and hovers like a cloud. It is both feminine and amorphous/incorporeal.  The semi-matt aluminium surface, with visible traces of sanding or polishing tools, makes the form both hard and unreal. As a Dadaist and Surrealist Arp worked hard to break down accepted boundaries, like those between painting and sculpture, or figurative and non-figurative art. His "reliefs" were painted, sometimes perforated, wooden sheets glued in layers and could change their names in the most amazing way according to who asked. His own creative work comprised painting, sculpture and poetry.
"..Those who want to shoot down a cloud with an arrow will shoot in vain with their arrows. Many sculptors are such strange archers. When faced with a cloud, you have to drum something on a fiddle or fiddle something on a drum. Then it won´t be long before the cloud descends, wallowing with joy on the ground, and finally comes over to you and turns to stone. And so the sculptor has the most beautiful of sculptures completed at the drop of a hat…"
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