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© Gabriel Orozco/Bildupphovsrätt 2018
Gabriel Orozco
Born 1962
United States, Mexico, Born Mexico Untitled, 1994
Utan titel
Gouache and pen on photocopy
Papper: 29,2 × 20,9 cm
Purchase 2013
MOM/2013/158 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
Gabriel Orozco is in constant movement in both a mental and a physical sense, taking part in collaborative projects all over the world and with homes in New York, Mexico and France. Although he has pioneered a new form of conceptual art, he was all but unknown in the Nordic countries when Moderna Museet staged its exhibition entitled Gabriel Orozco – Natural Motion in 2014.

The exhibition contained La DS Cornaline (1993), a Citroën that had been cut in two with the centre part then being removed and the remaining sections being spliced together as a slender and yet abbreviated version of the French national car. The artist produced a remake of “the original” for the museum’s show. The maroon artefact posed new questions about the notions of the original and the copy while inviting introspection and demonstrating skilled craftsmanship all in a single work. The piece also provides an associative link with Marcel Duchamp, as in Orozco’s retrospective held at MoMA in New York in 2009, when the lid of a yoghurt carton was provocatively exhibited as an objet d’art on its own.

In the six works by Gabriel Orozco in Moderna Museet's collection, circles, semi-circles and quarter-circles reoccur, sometimes painted on unrefined materials such as plastic film, a photocopy or a plane ticket. The circles in his sketchbooks are a kind of exercise in concentration that every now and then turn into paintings. This involves an unconsciously structured form of thinking, a way of analysing other elements the artist is attending to: photographs, installations, objects. Non-representational images repeatedly take on new forms and each image of this kind can be linked to others. According to Gabriel Orozco this is what abstraction can be used for: as a means to understand the way reality is perceived in a new era.

- Signature, inscriptions, and markings
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