Cecilia Edefalk Sverige, (Born 1954)
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Cecilia Edefalk
© Cecilia Edefalk
Cecilia Edefalk
Born 1954
Sweden Skiss för en målning, 2004
Sketch for a Painting
Gelatin silver print
Total mått: 350 x 550 cm ( 137 13/16 x 216 9/16 in.)
Purchase 2004
MOM/2004/164 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
The painter Cecilia Edefalk bases many of her works on reproduction images: a photo, an ad in a newspaper, or a film still. Similarly, she often reproduces her own works, copying her paintings several times over. In the resulting series each work is slightly different from the previous one. This repetition is a way for Cecilia Edefalk to emphasise the uniqueness of the painting. The process is more important that the subject.
In Sketch for a Painting Edefalk has added another step to the process. She has painted a film still and then photographed the painting. The original, thus a copy in itself - has turned into a base - the sketch. The subject - Laurel and Hardy - also features in a previous series by Edefalk, At the Moment Untitled, which was born out of a wish to transfer film to painting and to explore their respective iconic aspects. This image is from the silent movie Wrong Again from 1929, which also featured the horse Blue Boy.
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Showing 4 of 14 search results for
Cecilia Edefalk
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