Eva Hesse USA, (1936 - 1970)
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Eva Hesse
© The Estate of Eva Hesse. Hauser & Wirth Zürich London.
Artist:Eva Hesse
Eva Hesse
1936 - 1970
United States Untitled, 1965
Utan titel
Painted cord wrapped around plastic tubing and ring in wood and metall
262 x 81,5 x 18 cm (103 1/8 in.)
Purchase 1980 with contribution from The Friends of Moderna Museet
MOMSK 51 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
What does a thought look like? And how does it feel?
This sculpture may be seen as a suspended bodiliness and a three dimensional thought at one and the same time. Like a circular argument paired off with a loose end, a passing fancy that doesn't hang together... or do they open up possibilities?
During the Fifties Eva Hesse studied at various important schools of art in the United States, but without finding the expression she was seeking for her bizarre and disturbing memories from her departure as a child from Nazi Germany and the uncertainty of her new life in the United States, where she came to live at the age of four. But she drew continuously. Her style has been compared to a "wandering, seeking, string like line". She never managed painting; sculpture became her medium. It often feels like a three dimensional drawing, as it balances between the physical and the abstract. Her forms are simple the style is called Minimalism but it lacks the purity that otherwise typifies that kind of work. Eva Hesse balances between planned order and tentative fancies. This doubtfulness has become her signature. Form and thought become one and the same: complete yet open at the same time.

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Eva Hesse
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