The Pleasure Dome

The film series The Pleasure Dome. American Experimental Film in 1939-1979 took place at Moderna Museet in spring 1980. In connection with this event, 28 films were acquired for the collection. The Pleasure Dome marked the beginning of film as a separate collection activity in its own right. The film series was compiled by the cinematic artists Claes Söderquist and Jonas Mekas. The latter was also a key figure in American experimental film, as an artist, writer and founder of several organisations that showed and promoted experimental film; this influenced the selection, which focuses on the American east coast. The collection includes works by Stan Brakhage, Robert Breer, Joseph Cornell, Hollis Frampton and Michael Snow.


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The Pleasure Dome
Hollis Frampton
1936 - 1984
United States Birth of Magellan: Mindfall (Part I and VII), 1978
16 mm film, color, optical sound
40:00 min
Moving Images
Purchase 1980
MOMFi 32 This artwork is not on display
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The Pleasure Dome
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