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On View:Stockholm
Francis Picabia
1878 - 1953
France Première rencontre, 1925
Första mötet
First Meeting
Oil and Ripolin on masonite
93 x 73 cm
Purchase 1976 with contribution from The Friends of  Moderna Museet
MOM 66 On view at Stockholm
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As an artist and a person, Francis Picabia was forever opposing social and artistic conventions. He painted Première rencontre just after he had moved from Paris to southern France. Throughout his artistic career, he expressed himself in many different styles and alternated between abstraction and figuration. His works from the mid-1920s to the mid-1940s are figurative, as in the “monster” series to which Première rencontre belongs, and in the female nudes inspired by the aesthetics of soft-porn magazines. The lovers in Première rencontre are grotesquely exaggerated, with their multiple eyes, theatre mask noses and garish colours. Typical of Picabia is the playful and anarchistic spirit in which he deals with his motifs.
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