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© Marsie, Emanuelle, Damon and Andrew Scharlatt, Hannah Wilke Collection and Archives, Los Angeles
Hannah Wilke
1940 - 1993
United States Gestures, 1974
Digital video, b/w, sound
35:30 min
Moving Images
Purchase 2012
MOM/2012/121 This artwork is not on display
- About the work

“To honour Duchamp is to oppose him”, Hanna Wilke said, and Hannah Wilke through the Large Glass directly references Duchamp’s pivotal The Large Glass or The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. Here, she strikes poses familiar from the erotic representation of women in art history and popular culture. The legacy of Marcel Duchamp: the ready-made, is pervasive in minimalism.

Hannah Wilke began as a sculptor. She played around with materials, used play dough, chewing-gum, latex or lint from tumble-dried textiles, and often organised them in series. She also worked with photography, performance and various forms of self-portraits. In the film Gestures, Wilke uses her own face, kneads and pulls the skin, sculpting it into touched-up, “female” expressions and poses as in beauty products advertisements.

- Exhibition history
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