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With the October Revolution 1917, a new country was formed. Artists were given a new role in the production of an ideological tool: the Soviet propaganda poster. No other means of information other than newspapers were available at the time, in a nation where a majority were illiterate. The poster as a new medium attracted the greatest painters and poets of the time. It introduced the revolutionary ideology, defined the enemies and explained the importance of education and health. The posters stressed equality between men and women, now that women too were employed for the welfare of the people. In retrospect the posters provide a timeline of the Soviet Union’s development. Each and every major event in the life of the Soviet people is reflected in these communist propaganda posters.
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Gallery 01:5
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Gösta Adrian-Nilsson
ca 1920
Viktor Nikolajevitj Deni
Nikolaj Dolgorukov
Aleksandra Ekster
Anna Kagan
Gustav Klucis