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© Peter Weiss/Bildupphovsrätt 2019
Peter Weiss
1916 - 1982
Sweden Das grosse Welttheater, 1937
Den stora världsteatern
The Great World Stage
Olja på pannå
120 x 160 cm
Purchase 1969
NM 6261 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
Peter Weiss takes on the contemporary era in a mediaeval, Breughelesque manner. There is a buzz of activity. Sorrow and happiness, violence and love - all of life passing by. The dramatic sky and the archaically dark style of painting suggest a looming threat. In the exhibition catalogue the author Aris Fioretos writes that this work presages the Holocaust. The world as a stage on the brink of disaster. There appears to be no return, everything seems unmercifully heading towards chaos. Weiss painted The Great World Stage in spring 1937 while at the Academy of Art in Prague. The following year, German troops marched into Bohemia; in January 1939, his family fled to Sweden.
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