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Moderna Museet should stand out as a natural centre for Swedish and Nordic art. In 2011, the Museum’s director and co-director, Daniel Birnbaum and Ann-Sofi Noring, launched the Nordic Collection. This initiative was taken to enable new acquisitions, with the purpose of enhancing Moderna Museet’s collection of contemporary Nordic art beyond what can be acquired merely with the government’s annual allocation.  The project yielded donations and acquisitions of 18 works made in 2008 – 2013.”

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Nordic Collection
© Meriç Algün Ringborg
Meriç Algün
Born 1983
Sweden, Born Turkey Ö (The Mutual Letter), 2011
Ö (Den gemensamma bokstaven)
Ö (Ortak harf)
Sound installation, ca 2hrs loop Ed 1/2 + 1 AP and printed booklets (820 ex) - offset print on blue paper, staple bound in booklets (40 pages including cover). Booklets displayed on a wooden pallet.
14,8 × 10,4 × 0,3 cm (each booklet) 120 x 79,5 x 14 (wooden pallet)
Installations, Audio Art
Purchase 2013 with contribution from The Carl Friberg Foundation (Nordic Collection)
MOM/2013/74 This artwork is not on display
- About the work
Ö (The Mutual Letter) is a dictionary and an audio work based on 1,270 words that are pronounced differently in Swedish and Turkish but are spelled the same and have the same meaning. Meriç Algün was raised in her native Turkey and became a Swedish citizen in 2012. She has created a range of works that discuss identity, cultures, languages and bureaucracies.
- Exhibition history
Showing 2 of 16 search results for
Nordic Collection
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