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© Björn Lövin
On View:Stockholm
Björn Lövin
1937 - 2009
Sweden Leninmonument 13 april 1917, 1977
Lenin Monument April 13th 1917
Cobble stone, tramrail, rock, painted cross, photography
240 x 200 x 600 cm
Inköp 1977
MOMSK 20 On view at Stockholm
- About the work
Björn Lövin sees the interfaces between private memories and common, collectively shared history, between individual and social fate. In The Lenin Monument Lövin creates a monument of a moment. A tramline cuts through a section of a street, and the cobblestone has an X – a mark for here and now. Someone has also marked Axel Malmström’s famous press photo with an X pointing out Lenin. One cold day in April 1917 the legendary Russian is visiting Stockholm on his way to Petrograd. World War I is raging outside Sweden, and there are rumours of a looming revolution in our eastern neighbour. The stardom is in decline. Lenin Monument was one of five environments in Memory Fails, an installation that Lövin created for Kulturhuset in 1977.
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